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Rani of Jhansi (19th century): Warrior Queen, Freedom Fighter, Folk Hero The first time I rode my horse into a dusty north Indian village, I was greeted with cries of They meant Rani of Jhansi: an equestrienne, queen and battle commander who fought the British during the 1857 War of Independence.

Virtually every strong, outspoken Indian woman is compared to her; it's a humbling but exhilarating association.

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When I sat down to write about Hindu women who inspire me, I first thought of my cultural ancestors: women whose lives shine through the avalanche of male-oriented history, who not only overcame trials in their lifetime, but the challenge of being remembered centuries later.Roy's excoriation of the exploitative film was one of the first times I read anything by an Indian feminist; it was revelatory.(If Roy was Hindu, she'd be on this list, too.) Phoolan Devi inspired me to trust my own definitions of femininity, to never keep quiet when I was threatened or attacked, and to let my own experiences with injustice motivate me to help others.Gargi reminds me of the long history of women's intellectual contributions.

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She inspires me to think critically and to keep asking questions even when it annoys people.Akka (12th century): Poet, Social Reformer, Feminist Akka Mahadevi devotional songs express her rejection of societal expectations; she considered Lord Shiva her spiritual husband and resisted pressure to marry.