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I spill hot black coffee all over a white saucer, an outdoor table, and nearly into Bill Hader's lap. He feels that it's most important to maintain your self-confidence, and that's why he doesn't read shit about himself on the Internet...

He uncomfortably shifts forward in his chair at Caffe Luxxe, in Los Angeles, and says nothing, giving off a vibe that he is somewhere else mentally.

Robert Pattinson talks about his upcoming projects with the Zellner Brothers, Olivier Assayas, Antonio Campos, Ciro Guerra, and Claire Denis.

David Lowery and DP Andrew Droz Palermo breakdown how they shot the intimate film with a small group of friends.

Could you relate to this relationship in your own family situation? My parents are pretty cool, and they are still together. But there are other times that you're like, "I need money, I need to pay bills.

ESQ: It doesn't freak you out to know she will be the only woman you sleep with for the rest of your life? " And I was like, "Yeah, that's true." Then she went on... " ESQ: Joanna Gleason's character plays your self-absorbed and distant mother. I remember when you were a kid, and we would watch it every Saturday." He got very emotional. You have no idea what will hit, so you just try to do great work. "ESQ: Jonah Hill's Comedy Central Roast bit about you was hilarious.

My brain freezes, and I just try to get through that." Slightly hunched over, in a short-sleeved Spartan Health Club t-shirt and sunglasses, he looks to his left. Also featured in the film are Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell, Boyd Holbrook, and Joanna Gleason.

I think it's much different than what Robin Williams went through. It was a group effort figuring out the emotional beats of the scene. We do a slow dance together, and I remember after the first take, Craig said, "Cut! You just have to do work that you are excited about. Milo was way more confident than I was, but I related to that, and it's a hard pill to swallow when everything doesn't work out. I met Robin Williams a few times, and he was a beautiful guy. I had a friend in high school who committed suicide, and it's a disease that's hard for people to manage.