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28-Sep-2018 19:19

Once you choose Install, no more user input should be required. This was supposed to be one of those very simple tasks that I should have been able to do without any custom code.After the zip file is extracted, copy your Windows 10 Enterprise media into the folder named “…\Windows10Upgrade2012R2SP1\Windows v Next Upgrade_files\Windows v Next Upgrade Media“.This includes all of the files and folders from the root of the Win10 ISO, so it should look like this: Import Windows v Next into SCCM by going to the Software Library, right-clicking Task Sequences under Operating Systems, and choosing Import Task Sequence.

I addressed this specific issue with a separate command ( and the I’ve encapsulated that functionality into the new commands I’ve created which are detailed below.

There are several errors that you are likely to encounter after running the above using the created testweb or your own existing web.

The first and most obvious error is that when you load the page of the new site you may get a File Not Found error (note that running the above as is will not give you this error).

The fix for this is simple enough – change the value to an empty string. Fixing the above error results in the page loading without errors, however, the page layouts section does not load.

There’s still several issues that need to be resolved.

Check out an earlier article I posted for guidance on this upgrade.