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26-Nov-2017 08:25

By default, the operating system has a range of privacy-impinging settings turned on — and even when they are turned off, computers continue to send information to Microsoft’s servers.Trackers are the servers that allow all of the computers downloading files using torrents to talk to one another, and allows them to find and request the files that they need.Over the next year and a half I tinkered off and on with the software, adding the bezel interface and a few refinements.In mid-2004 I had reached version 0.53, where it stayed for the next eighteen months.Users of Windows 10 are being banned from using certain torrents, after hardcore pirates have suggested that the operating system is sending private and identifying information back to Microsoft.Some hardcore piracy sites have banned users of the new operating system from using their trackers, meaning that torrents — the most popular way of pirating films, music and other media — won’t work.I've tried to allow a few different methods for navigating in the bezel.

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Development is ongoing, but releases will be infrequent.However, I was strongly encouraged by my friend David to put the existing code base online — despite the stunning inelegance of parts, it was working code and someone might be able to use it.

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