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In addition to our service fees, visa applications require fees paid to the consulate and may be subject to supplemental processing fees. For a full list of fees consult your visa application kit.

Work visas have higher service fees because of their complexity.

Houston: If the applicant is requesting the visa to China to be issued on a second passport, the Consulate of China in Houston requires the applicant to submit both the original and second passports.

The Consulate will not issue a visa on a second passport unless the original passport is provided.

The consulate will NOT accept copies of utility bills, bank statements or anything other than DMV records.

Proof of residence must include your name as it appears on your passport and displays your current address.

New York: If the applicant is currently self-employed, a brief profile of the company and a job description must be submitted.

The descriptions do not have to be on a company letterhead.

The address must match the address on the Chinese visa application form. Proof of residence must include your name as it appears on your passport and displays your current address.

This can include a copy of your valid driver's license, a copy of your valid state issued ID or a copy of your current Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) car registration issued by a state within the Los Angeles jurisdiction (Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii).

The affidavit is found in your application kit Letter Of Invitation: A letter of invitation on company letterhead from the host company in China, signed by an appropriate representative of the inviting organization and must be stamped with the company seal.

The Letter of Invitation from China must include the following: Consular Officers may call the inviting host to verify information on the invitation and the visa application.

Due to time zone differences the Consular Officer may try to reach the inviting person during what is night in China, and it is important the call is expected.

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