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10-Mar-2018 22:10

These dips in testosterone allow the small amount of oestrogen that circulates in the blood of all men, to have an effect on the breast.

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Before puberty, the breasts are the same in girls and boys. In females, the main hormone is oestrogen (the ‘female hormone’). The level of testosterone rises at puberty to 30 times the level it was previously.If everything is normal (which it usually is) a surgeon can remove the excess breast tissue.It seems that breast tissue is very sensitive to the balance between oestrogen and testosterone in the blood.The reason is partly that less testosterone is produced in old age.

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Also, in old age, the body often contains a higher proportion of fat, which produces oestrogens.

Tumours in other parts of the body can sometimes produce hormones that make the breasts grow and may also cause erection problems and/or oozing of milk from the breast.

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